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DCCD Overhaul Kit

Repair and tuning kit for STI electronically controlled center diffs (DCCD). Includes a complete selection of internal plates, bearings, shims, and snap rings.

Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks

Manufacturer: STI


  • Subaru Impreza STI MY01-14
  • Subaru STI MY15+

What is the best way to confirm the correct overhaul kit for my particular LSD? We have prepared a file to cross reference the LSD part numbers (STI and FHI) with the correct overhaul kit part number.

LSD O/H Kit X-Ref

What are symptoms of a DCCD that requires rebuilding? Most frequently we see a condition where severe heat buildup resulting from excessive wheelspin (or broken axle) has caused a failure of the friction plates. The older DCCD units used metal friction plates and there will typically be metal transfer between the plates. The newer DCCD units use a fiber type friction material that overheats and carbonizes. Either way the DCCD will be quite noisey and exhibit erratic performance which may change in severity according to the diff lock setting. The outer casing may by blued showing signs of high temperatures.

The rebuild kits seems pricey, is there a cheaper option? If you ship the DCCD unit to us there may be situations where we can supply a partial rebuild kit to keep the overall rebuild costs down. If you ship your DCCD unit we can do a no-cost assessment of the damage and estimate for repair.