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About REM Isotropic Superfinishing (REM ISF®) Process -

Developed by REM Chemical, the ISF® process is a method of surface finishing metal components to a highly polished state (very low Ra surface roughness). It is used extensively at the highest levels of motorsport including F1, WRC, NASCAR, etc. both on its own and in combination with surface coating techniques such as DLC. The process is highly controllable and able to remove only the peaks of the machine tool marks created during component manufacturing while retaining the dimensional integrity of the part. ISF® involves circulating the part within ceramic media inside a vibratory bowl while chemicals are introduced. The resultant finish is isotropic (non-directional) and uninformly polished. We are able to offer this service using in-house equipment for fast turn around times.

Benefits of ISF® -

  • A reduction in frictional losses
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Reduced contact fatigue
  • Extended component life
  • Reduced vibration and noise
  • Lowered lubrication requirements
  • Elimination of break-in requirements

Typical components treated include: transmission gears, dog rings, final drives, roller bearings, valvetrain components, crankshafts, oil pump gears, CV joint components, etc. Download Pricelist