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ECU Tuning

An Overview of Our Capabilities -

We can provide expert tuning services in combination with other engine performance work. This allows us to provide to our customers a complete one stop shop for maximizing vehicle performance. Most tuning is currently done on the road and we have over 10 years of success in tuning this way. We do not have a dyno at our facility at this time. We are an authorized EcuTek and Cobb Protuner and also have experience tuning many other systems including Motec, Pectel(Cosworth), and others.

  • Impreza GC8 MY1999-2000 - JDM / UK / Europe
  • Turbocharged Impreza, Legacy, Forester MY2001-2007 (Cable Throttle) - All Markets
  • Impreza, Legacy, Forester MY2004-2006 (Electronic Throttle) - All Markets

EcuTek tuning is a reflash of the factory ECU. The advantage of this approach is that it retains the sophistication built in to the factory ECUs including active ignition advance and boost control. Original ROM files are modified only as required for the particular vehicle so tuning can completed in the shortest possible time with excellent cold starting, driveability, smoothness, and other aspects that are normally difficult to achieve with a stand alone system. There is a one-time EcuTek license fee of $235 for each new ECU tuned. Road tuning costs range from $250 to $400.

RaceRom features are now available for electronic throttle vehicles. RaceRom is the ability to add additional maps/features to the ECU. Special features include: speed density tuning, per-gear boost control, per-gear rev limits, flat-foot shifting, launch control, and downshift throttle blip. These features, if available, can be set up for a small additional cost.

  • All USDM Turbo Models 2002+

Cobb Accessport tuning is very similar to EcuTek and provides access to nearly all the same maps. It also provides some of the special features such as flat-foot shifting, launch control, and speed density tuning. There is no license fee with Cobb AP tuning, however, you must have an Accessport connected with the ECU. The Accessport gives the end user the ability to change maps, datalog various parameters, performance certain performance testing, and scan for codes. The price of the Accessport is $650 and road tuning costs range from $250 to $400.