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ES-Nut Aluminum Wheel Nut

This Enkei ES lightweight aluminum open-ended wheel nut is for professional motorsport use. Made of high tensile super-hardened 7075 alloy with a highly wear-reistant mil-spec hard anodizing process. Seat taper angle is 60 degrees. Available in 35mm length at 21g or 50mm length at 27g weight. Price is for one nut.

Application information is a rough guide only. Please confirm your thread size and taper before ordering.

Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks.

Manufacturer: Enkei


  • Subaru, Nissan/Infinity = M12 x 1.25
  • Honda/Acura, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota/Lexus = M12 x 1.50
  • GM, Ford, Chrysler = M12 x 1.50
Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
ES-NUT125 Enkei ES-NUT Wheel Nut M12 x 1.25 - L35mm $8.75
ES-NUT125L Enkei ES-NUT Wheel Nut (Long) M12 x 1.25 - L50mm $13.00
ES-NUT15 Enkei ES-NUT Wheel Nut M12 x 1.5 - L35mm $8.75
ES-NUT15L Enkei ES-NUT Wheel Nut (Long) M12 x 1.5 - L50mm $13.00