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Sequential Dogbox Kit

Racing at the highest levels of motorsport demands quick and reliable shifting with minimal effort. PPG introduces their sequential gearbox kit for the Subaru STI. With the lightest shift effort of just about any sequential kit on the market, lightening fast gear changes are now a reality. Coupled with PPG's optional motorsport grade load cell and a programmable ECU, flat upshifts and throttle blipping on downshifts can further enhance the shift speed and reliability.

This kit features PPG's V3.1 proprietary 6 dog ring design, precicion engineered straight cut tooth profile, shot-peened billet shift forks, billet low mass H-section gear shift lever with mounting, billet aluminum mid-plate (bearing plate), Gill sensors Blade 360° non-contact rotary gear position sensor, and Geartronics LED gear position display. Drops into the original gearbox case (oil pump equipped cases). R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6 shifting configuration with reverse lock out integrated into shift lever. 3 different close ratio sets available.


Gear Ratios (Heavy Duty): 3.333 / 2.384 / 1.750 / 1.333 / 1.040 / 0.857

Gear Ratios (Group N): 3.636 / 2.375 / 1.761 / 1.346 / 1.062 / 0.842

Gear Ratios (Close Ratio): 3.077 / 2.077 / 1.579 / 1.277 / 1.074 / 0.923

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Manufacturer: PPG


  • Subaru STI 6MT
Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
PPG-SU6SEQ-HD PPG Sequential Gear Kit - Heavy Duty Ratios STI MY06+ $14550.00
PPG-SU6SEQ-HDB PPG Sequential Gear Kit - Heavy Duty Ratios STI MY01-05 $14550.00
PPG-SU6SEQ-GN PPG Sequential Gear Kit - Group N Ratios STI MY06+ $14550.00
PPG-SU6SEQ-GNB PPG Sequential Gear Kit - Heavy Duty Ratios STI MY01-05 $14550.00
PPG-SU6SEQ-CR PPG Sequential Gear Kit - Close Ratios STI MY06+ $14550.00
PPG-SU6SEQ-CRB PPG Sequential Gear Kit - Heavy Duty Ratios STI MY01-05 $14550.00