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Straight Cut Drag Dog Gear Set

PPG's straight cut 4 gear dog set is designed to handle extreme power outputs. Extensive development work was done on the tooth profiling to achieve minimal loading on the inherently weak EVO gearbox casing. Capable of handling as much as 1000hp. Gear ratios are suitable for drag racing. An optional straight cut 4.307 or 3.928 final drive gear set is available (and strongly recommended).

Gear Ratios: 2.846 / 1.937 / 1.388 / 1.000 / Std / FD - 4.307

Special Order (Usually Ships Within 7 Days.

Manufacturer: PPG


  • Mitsubishi EVO 4-9
Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
PPG-MT9SD-4 PPG 4-Gear Straight Cut Dog Gear Set EVO 4-9 $5085.00
PPG-EV9FD-4307 PPG Final Drive Set 4.307 Ratio EVO 4-9 $1963.50
PPG-MT9XFD PPG Final Drive Set 3.928 Ratio EVO 4-9 $1963.50