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Camshaft Set EVO 4G63

GSC's cams are fully machined from forged billets cores on advanced CNC machining equipment.

S1 cams improve turbo spool and provide power gains across the entire rpm range (3000-8000rpm useable range) without any loss in low end. Standard valve springs can be used. Suitable for up to 450whp. .

S2 cams work well with larger turbos with useable rev range of 4000-9000rpm on 2.0L or 3000-8000rpm on stroker setup. Suitable for up to 700whp. Uprated valve springs suggested unless running stock boost and stock rev limit.

S3 cams are for applications over 700whp with extreme modifications and very large turbo. Uprated valve springs are essential.

R2 cams are a high lift version of the S2 cams specifically for improved cylinder filling with large displacement stroker engines. Gains of 25 to 30whp over the S2 cams are possible on a stroker application. GSC beehive spring and retainer kits are required (other options may not provide sufficient retainer to stem seal clearance). GSC5041 spring kit over 40psi of boost while GSC5040 kit will handle up to 32psi.

Backordered 2 to 3 weeks.

Manufacturer: GSC Power Division


  • Mitsubishi EVO 4-8
Part No. Description Price Ea. Add to Cart
GSC-7008-S1 GSC EVO 8 Camshaft Set S1 (In=268°/11.0mm Ex=268°/10.5mm) $600.00
GSC-7008-S2 GSC EVO 8 Camshaft Set S2 (In=274°/11.2mm Ex=274°/11.0mm) $600.00
GSC-7008-S3 GSC EVO 8 Camshaft Set S3 (In=280°/11.7mm Ex=280°/11.7mm) $600.00
GSC-7008-R2 GSC EVO 8 Camshaft Set R2 (In=274°/12.0mm Ex=274°/12.0mm) $600.00