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Camshaft Set 4G63

Cosworth relies on over 50 years of camshaft engineering experience and innovation in multi-valve cylinder head design to produce the best performing cams. Ground from new blanks, each cam profile is designed to provide the maximum useable power across the widest power band. The M1 cam profile is for mild performance applications where increased power is desired across most of the rev range particularly in the mid range. Uprated valve springs are not required with the M1 cams. The M2 cam profile is a more aggressive profile for greater mid and top end gains while still increasing power across most of the full useable rpm range. M3 cam profile is a high performance profile offered by Cosworth for the 4G63 EVO 7/8 application and provides excellent high rpm power gains. The "Race" profile cams are the most aggressive cams offered for the 4G63 from Cosworth and provide large top end performance gains and are suggested for more extreme race-only applications. M2 cams can use stock valve springs up to standard rev limit. If rev liit is increased with M2 cams then uprated valve springs should be used. M3 and Race cams require uprated valve springs for reliable operation.

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Manufacturer: Cosworth


  • Mitsubishi EVO 7/8
Part No. Description Price Ea. Add to Cart
KK3805 Cosworth Camshaft Set M1 Grind (In=264°/10.2mm Ex=264°/10.2mm) $725.00
KK3806 Cosworth Camshaft Set M2 Grind (In=272°/11.0mm Ex=272°/11.0mm) $725.00
20002513 Cosworth Camshaft Set M3 Grind (In=272°/11.6mm Ex=280°/11.0mm) $725.00
COS-EVO8RC Cosworth Camshaft Set Race Grind (In=290°/11.5mm Ex=290°/11.5mm) $750.00