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STI/AP Rear Brake Kit

This is a 4-piston rally competition rear brake system made by AP Racing for STI. They are Group N VO homologated for GDB and GRB/GVB (N12 and newer). Rear kit is used for both gravel and tarmac applications and will fit under a 15 x 7" gravel rally wheel. This system is intended to be used with a hydraulic handbrake and eliminates the mechanical handbrake components. Modification to the rear uprights on MY08+ applications is required for fitment reasons. We can also supply lower cost non-homologated versions of these kits for competitors not needing to meet specific homologation requirements. Non-homologated versions use components that are not STI branded. Kits include calipers, caliper brackets, 2-pc floating discs with J-hook slotting, and brake bleeding tools. An optional disc cover is available to protect against stones.

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Manufacturer: STI/AP Racing


  • Subaru Impreza STI MY05-14
  • Subaru STI MY15+
Part No. Description Application Price Ea. Add to Cart
RST-H220X STI/AP GpN VO Rear Brake Kit STI MY08+ $8437.00
RST-H220G STI/AP GpN VO Rear Brake Kit STI MY06-07 $8437.00
AP-H220G AP Non-Homologated GpN Rear Brake Kit STI PCD114.3 $5000.00
RST-H226 STI/AP VO Rear Disc Cover, RH AP VO Brake $621.00
RST-H227 STI/AP VO Rear Disc Cover, LH AP VO Brake $621.00
RST-H230R STI Modified Rear Axle Housing (Upright), RH MY08-14 GRB AP Brake $202.00
RST-H230L STI Modified Rear Axle Housing (Upright), LH MY08-14 GRB AP Brake $202.00
AP Brake Service Parts
RST-H229R AP GpN VO Rear Brake Disc RH Gravel/Tarmac $574.25
RST-H229L AP GpN VO Rear Brake Disc LH Gravel/Tarmac $574.25